Thursday, November 19, 2015

My performance at Sanctum Bristol!

So there's been this rather amazing happening in Bristol over the past few weeks - Sanctum, an initiative of American artist and initiator of public art projects, Theaster Gates. For 24 days, there was continuous, 24-hour sound of one sort or another in a brand-new structure which was built for this purpose inside the ruins of Temple Church in the centre of the city. And the sound? That was provided by hundreds of Bristol-based performers (and they let in a few non-Bristolians!) playing music, talking, reading, or creating in other ways! I was delighted to have been offered 3 slots - one at midnight, one at 2.40am (!) and one today at noon - to read some of my short stories and poems.

The whole experience was magical! Each performance had a different feel - Sanctum didn't release a programme, so people turned up not knowing who or what they would hear. I wandered by several times just to see what was playing...

At my midnight reading on Oct 31st there were rather a lot of zombies, it being Halloween... And at 2.40am, where I had expected it would just be me and the sound guys, there were 4 audience members and 3 staff! Today, I followed the amazing Tribe of Peace, a drumming and musical ensemble that had everyone dancing. I changed the atmosphere a little by reading mostly science-inspired short short stories and poetry for 20 minutes... if you'd like to listen, here it is!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Einstein Anthology Launch - Edinburgh, Nov 9

It's here! I am so proud to unveil the anthology of new writing inspired by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, 'I Am Because You Are', published by Freight Books and co-edited by me and the wonderful Pippa Goldschmidt, astronomer, fiction writer and poet. As we say in our introduction, no previous knowledge - or even interest in - physics is necessary, our aim was to entertain, with great stories from some amazing writers - including Simon Barraclough, Joanna Walsh, Nick Parker, Vanessa Gebbie & Helen Sedgwick - and essays on aspects of the science from three fantastic scientists, plus two poems, just because we liked 'em.

We are officially launching the anthology on Monday 9 November at The Wash Bar in Edinburgh (see launch event page here) and would love you to come if you're nearby...If not, the book's available in paperback (free shipping) and ebook formats, and we are planning more events around the country. We're open to suggestion - science festivals, literature festivals, anything at all, do get in touch and we will round up a few of our authors!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Live Canon Shortlist

After a night consisting greatly of coughing, I was delighted to wake up this morning to an email telling me I'd been shortlisted for the fabulous Live Canon poetry competition - the joy of this competition is that ALL the shortlisted poems will be performed by the ensemble at the prize-giving event, as well as being published in the 2015 anthology! Full shortlist below, congratulations all - and if you'd like to join us at the poetry party, it's on Sunday 22nd November at 3pm at Greenwich Theatre. Tickets are free. 

Abigail Parry, Magpie as Gambler
Alan Buckley, Dovey Junction
AM Henry, Weather Systems, Key Stage 4
Charles Evans, The Sistine Lavabo
Christopher North, They Think It’s Over
David Atwooll, Notes for a Soundtrack
Geraldine Clarkson, After If
Hilary Watson, Scrap Metal
Isabel Rogers, Boys in the Storm
Jacqueline Saphra, Your Warranty is Void
Joan Michelson, Unframed
Lesley Saunders, Asylum
Mab Jones, Poem in Which Canned Laughter is Returned
Mark Cooper, Labyrinth
Matt Bryden, The Respite
Mel Pyror, Walking the River Tay
Natalya Anderson, Milk and Cookies
NJ Hynes, What is a ‘V’ but an unfinished triangle
Oona Chantrell, On the Monkey Bars
Pat Borthwick, Charcoal Burner
Paul Carney, In a Dawlish Telephone Box
Sophie Reynolds, Fulham Road, 14th December
Stav Poleg, Flamingo Mise-en-Scene
Tania Hershman, Dreams of a Tea Seller
Tim O’Leary, Funeral in a Dark Wood

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Science Issue of Flash Frontier!

So, the Science issue of the excellent New Zealand-based flash journal Flash Frontier is here, guest edited by me and the fabulous Kathy Fish. We really hope you enjoy the flash stories we chose (we read them blind, without knowing who the authors were) - and the artwork, which is stunning! Read it all here >>>

Friday, September 18, 2015

Short Stories Wanted for Refugees Welcome Anthology

Greg McQueen, the wonderful person behind the 100 Stories for Haiti fundraising anthology in 2010, has decided once again that he can't stand by and watch the refugee crisis unfold without acting. He's calling once more for stories for a new anthology to raise money for the Red Cross. Here, let him explain:

Please support Greg - either by sending stories or by getting hold of a copy of the anthology!