Upcoming Events


Monday 1st I'm reading a specially-commissioned short story at the RLF's Reading Round Festival, London.

Tues 9th Taking part in an event in Mexico City, Telling the Story, with Paul Mc Veigh and two Mexican short story authors.

Thurs 11th Taking part in an event in Monterrey, Mexico, with Emiliano Monge.

Sat 20th Am on a panel at the London Short Story Festival talking about Short Story Gatekeepers, London. 


Monday 13 I'm reading, with poet Liz Berry, at Loose Muse WInchester


Sat 15 I'm reading at the launch of Sarah Jasmon's first novel, The Summer of Secrets, in Manchester. Venue tbc.


Thurs 17 Am reading and doing Q&A at Novel Nights' 2nd Short Story Special, Bristol.


Thurs- Fri 2-3 Swindon Poetry Festival - I'm taking part in a panel on prose poetry, with Jo Bell and Luke Kennard, doing a reading with Luke, and running a flash fiction workshop, more details soon!

Monday 30th I'm reading at Fictions of Every Kind, Leeds. More details soon.